Online Casinos Finding New Way to Advertise with Google TV

By: Harper Whitefield

Imagine you can use your remote control to search your TV just like you would use Google to search the web? An awesome idea, wouldn't you say? It could actually be a reality very soon, and for online casinos, it could mean a lot more business through extended advertising.

Google TV is said to be coming to television sets in all corners of the globe in the near future, allowing viewers to search for TV shows and web content directly from their television. Now, as we all know, online casinos that offer real money game play are not allowed to advertise on television. But Google TV recently approved online casino advertisements once more on its internet search engine, which has online casino managers raising eyebrows over the possibilities of worldwide television advertisements on the upcoming Google TV.

At this time, Google and Sony are pitching the idea as a way to increase the simplicity of television viewing. However, many believe the end result will be the ability to browse the internet and play online casino games directly on your flat panel, big screen, high-def televisions.

Google has aligned itself with Sony to begin production of television sets equipped with Google TV access. Analysts are currently predicting a price range of about $200-$300, but no official word has come down.

The theory is that online casino gamblers will have the same relative experience, searching Google TV for online casinos with big bonuses and appreciable game selections, except that with Google TV, they will be able to do it all from the comfort of their cushy leather sofas; on a much bigger and more crisp viewing screen!

When Google and Sony complete the Google TV project, the only obstacle left that may stand in the way of online casino fans are the various legislative laws prohibiting online casino gambling in certain countries. However, many online casino management teams are predicting a change to this problem as well in the very near future.

Accordingly to industry analysts, the online gambling business is booming more than ever, and political forums are coming closer and closer to the acceptance of legalization, regulation and taxation of online casinos.

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