Article published on November 11, 2013

All Slots Advertises on TV

By: Harper Whitefield

All Slots Casino is known as one of the industry leaders in online casinos, in all aspects of operation; there is very little doubt about that.

The menu of games they offer to the public is wildly expansive; the bonus program is competitive with anything in the online casino business, and the customer service is first-rate. As a casino that is associated with Microgaming, All Slots also conveys the message that it cares about its customers because it gives them the very best in online casino software.

It is to be expected that All Slots Casino is going to be one of the big players in mobile gaming. Indeed they are taking a major initiative there as well. This is the direction the business is going in now, or at least the lion's share of it, because there is a convenience factor in mobile gambling that is difficult to beat. When people have smartphones and tablets, they have them in their possession most of the day, regardless of where they are.

All Slots Casino wants the world to know that it has the best mobile casino experience available for customers, and that is why it is planning a series of advertisements that are designed to get the word out. Certainly there are outlets that do casino advertising all over the World Wide Web, but there are not many television advertisements, and that is exactly what All Slots is endeavoring to do.

The television ads will highlight the features, games and ease-of-use of the mobile casino that has proven to be one of All Slots' most productive offerings. It is a bold move, and is going to be rolling out first in the UK, which might be the most profitable area of operation for the mobile casino package.

But they are not going to stop there. In the ongoing effort to reach out to the English-speaking audience, All Slots intends to eventually expand its TV marketing by running ads in the United States and Canada. The U.S. effort is inspired by the establishment and legalization of online gambling in the state of New Jersey. of course, there are several more states that will undoubtedly follow, so Americans may constitute fertile ground for the growth of the mobile player base.

Canada is expected to grow as a market for the mobile audience. While there is no regulation of outside operators in the country per se, there is no apparatus in place to regulate the gaming companies that are patronized by Canadian citizens, or prohibit them.

To David Brickman, who serves as All Slots Casino's VP of Player Relations, the television advertisements are simply a natural way to reach more players, and an innovative one as well. "The TV ad campaign will show players the many ways they can enjoy the site," he said, "and we hope affiliates will get on board and support the campaign." That probably won't be hard, considering that there are more downloads at the iPhone App Store and the Google Play Store than was ever thought possible.

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