Article published on March 20, 2014

Blue Gem Gaming, A New Developer, Acquires Sheriff Gaming

By: Harper Whitefield

In what could be considered a bold move by any newer start-up, Blue Gem Gaming has acquired Sheriff Gaming in an effort to broaden their market appeal to operators of online gambling sites.

Sheriff Gaming has a storied past as part of a suspension initiated by The Alderney Gambling Control Commission over assertions of involvement in a criminal organization, forgery, money laundering, and illegal gambling activity by Stijn Flapper, the CEO, as well as some acquaintances. This resulted in the September 2013 loss of the Category 2 Associate Certificate which had been issued to the Eindhoven, Netherlands based company. Related investigations in May, 2013 and action taken by authorities resulted in the arrest of some of the involved parties and seizure of more than 180 properties and bank accounts, both commercial and residential across Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, and Spain.

Just last month, in February, 2014, Sheriff Gaming's parent company, Bubble Group NV, filed for bankruptcy after The Alderney Gambling Control Commission fully removed their gaming license. Blue Gem Gaming stepped in to pick up the slack with cash, figuratively, in hand to buy up the rights to the games that Sheriff owned.

Now, this younger entrant to the world of online gaming is using their acquisition to make a big name for themselves by creating highly functional and visually appealing games in full 3D. Each one of their games is unique from the next, even if the core function is the same within each category, such as slots, with fully fleshed out game play mechanics and storylines. The expanded catalogue they offer has no shortages of ways to grab and hold the attention of the player while offering enough variety that they can have exactly the gaming experience they are looking for.

Tropezia Palace, which has already completed the process of including Blue Gem games and removing those that belonged to Sheriff Gaming, currently offers an impressive spread of games for players of all skill and involvement levels. This includes the choice of 34 blackjack tables, 613 varieties of slots, 16 roulette games, 21 poker tables, 74 video poker options, 14 keno games, and 94 other non-standard games. While this list may seem daunting at first, it's easy for those looking for their new favourite game to get exactly what they want from their online gambling experience.

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