Article published on May 22, 2014

Greentube Pro Enters US Market To Keep Land Based Casino Guests

By: Harper Whitefield

The ever expanding world of online casinos has put a strain on the land based market to compete and keep their payer base in their buildings.

In a bid to keep up with the always changing and evolving world market of online casinos, land based operators are turning to more innovative strategies to keep themselves in business ad make sure that their futures are secure. As with so many other business markets, the choice has come down to a simple: adapt or get ready to close the doors. Those that have chosen to keep up with technology and user trends have taken great leaps in offering great value to their guests already but now have an even better tool to do so in the form of Greentube Pro.

Greentube, the Austrian giant recently acquired by the Novomatic Group of Companies, is setting up for it's entry into the US market with it's newest offering, the Greentube Pro platform which was built by BlueBat Games, based in Vancouver. The goal of this fresh system is to reward players at the land based casinos with awards that will bring them back again and again as well as draw in new business. Complementary meals, free hotel stays, and more are on the table for those seeking reward from the Greentube system.

Casinos that bring this new approach online at their locations will be providing more than just a simple points and reward system like those that have been employed in the past, they will be offering a broader experience to the people who walk through their doors. Even after the player has had their fun and decided to leave their participating casino of choice, they will be able to earn their rewards through Novomatic's suite of online and mobile games. Not only does this generate value for the guest but also keeps the names of the casinos top of mind when they may be planning trips and outings in the future.

Gabriel Cianchetto, President of Market Development for Greentube in North America said of the new system, "Our goal was to build a social gaming platform that is completely casino-focused. Greentube Pro is designed so that casino marketers will feel comfortable launching an online version of their properties and we've designed Greentube Pro with all the features they are looking for."

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