Article published on March 28, 2014

Live Dealers Come to Grand Macao

By: Harper Whitefield

Grand Macao's Live Dealer offers an authentic casino experience.

Using a live feed, players can now enjoy the excitement of real dealers in real-time. Available are three of Grand Macao's most popular table games - blackjack, baccarat and roulette. Each game includes four levels of table limits ranging from $2.50 to $5,000. With this new feature, players can chat with dealers as well as other players 24/7 in a realistic gaming environment. Live Dealer is available for real-money accounts only.

The good thing about live casino games is that things happen in real time and you get to interact with real live dealers and real gaming competitors. You get to have an actual conversation with the dealers, as well as with other players at your table. You get to see the roulette wheel spin and watch your play mates place their blackjack cards on the table in real time. You don't have to rely on any software to calculate your winning chances, you have it all based on luck and strategy. Get your friends to play with you at Grand Macao and enjoy gaming like you would in a local casino.

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