Article published on October 30, 2013

Real Money Skill Gaming App!

By: Harper Whitefield

The announcement of a real money skill game app that is actually available in the App Store is something that is bringing excitement to prospective customers around the world.

The company is called, and they have completed the development of a tremendous platform within a platform whereby players can engage with other players in a skill gaming tournament. This is really a different dimension for gaming in general. And when he are referring to skill gaming, we are talking about games in which the element of chance; of "gambling," if you will, are greatly minimized because the competition is not necessarily against the house, in which the ability of one player is matched with the ability of another player, with a prize at the end.

When you can do this through the magic of mobile devices, you really have a "tiger by the tail," as the expression goes.

Cashplay is licensed for gaming through the Isle of Man, and has much experience in the are of social gaming and online gambling. So they have considerable background when it comes to knowing what players are looking for and how to deliver it to them.

What they also know is how to make these games safe and secure, which means that there are mechanisms in place to assure that clients are identified correctly; that they verify their location with accuracy; that folks are protected against fraud, and that customers can receive the support they need when they need it.

"Instead of driving gamers away with ads or in-app purchases -- methods that simply don't work for the majority of titles -- developers can use a competitive platform that not only makes money but also makes games more attractive to players," according to Cashplay's co-CEO, Jarrod Epps. he forecasts a "massive potential audience" for the game.

The new app is called Crazy Lazy Runner, which is developed by GM43 Studios. It is filled with features that players are going to jump on, which would allow them to compete against others or against folks they don't know from around the world. The game is available in three different languages - Spanish, English and Chinese. It can be played in either the iOS format or in Android. offers generous revenue shares with developers. The company has considerable experience in integrating with websites form all over, and this comes by way of sophisticated systems of cash handling and transaction services.

What the company says is that the games that are played over their platform are "skill" events, and therefore not considered to be "gambling." What this does is allow them to be available in more places than what might be the case otherwise. And by the way, this includes most areas of the United States, which should be of much interest.

It is a viable way of monetizing the skill game genre, and it truly makes the games "stickier." in the words of many people who have described what Cashplay brings to the table. This is a true interactive gaming experience, and it is affordable for those who wish to capitalize on their gaming communities.

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