Play The Role Of The Scientist In The Alchemist's Lab Slot Game

While the Alchemist's Lab slot machine from Playtech has only three reels and a single payline, it features beautiful graphics that are certainly pleasing to the eye. As you might expect, it is set in a laboratory setting with a tome containing the pay scale, two beakers filled with potions, and the betting options carved on bellows surrounding the cylindrical single payline.

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This title features a potential jackpot of $30,000 and the betting range starts at $1 and ends at $3. Though it isn't the right choice for those who prefer to wager a penny per spin, it is still geared toward the low-rollers. You can wager a maximum of three $1 coins per spin as evident by the bellows located under the reels; you'll see your Bet One, Two, and Max options that make things incredibly simple. The lack of an Autoplay feature can be a bit frustrating, but the graphics are so perfect that you won't want to take your eyes away from the screen anyway.

It should be mentioned that like many three-reel titles from Playtech, you're not going to see any wilds, scatters, multipliers or second-screen bonus rounds here. Thus, if you prefer games that have all of the bells and whistles, you'll probably want to look elsewhere. However, those of you who prefer the simplistic play that is afforded by the single reel will be duly impressed by the high-definition graphics, crystal clear sounds, and frequency with which you can earn moderately-sized prizes.

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