Get Some Free Bonus Money To Play The Magic Lines Slot Machine

There are certainly plenty of classic three-reel slots out there, and many people have found that they are all one in the same with just a bit of tweaking here and there. Fortunately, the Magic Lines slot machine from Betsoft takes simplicity a step further by introducing multiple paylines and an easy to follow payout structure. Players will notice the lemons, plums, cherries, bells and other symbols that are typically found in these machines, but there are also some bonus features that typically aren't found in these offerings like a skill test and a 'Repeater' function.

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Everyone can enjoy this title regardless of their bankrolls when it is considered that wagers start at only $0.02 and climb all the way up to $200. The maximum jackpot, then, is only $800 with a maximum two coin per-line wager. Something else that is likely to stand out to those who enjoy pokies on a regular basis is the fact that all combinations pay out the same - 20 credits. This is one of very few titles on the planet that is structured in this way, but the purpose is to shift the focus to the special features that can be found here. There are no free spins available.

Whenever an individual manages to create a winning combination, he or she will notice an arrow lighting up at the top of the machine around the word 'Repeater'. This is a Magic Lines bonus round of skill; essentially, the goal is to hit the 'Stop' button when the arrows and the Stop sign are lit up. Doing so allows the player to progress; failing means that the win is lost. When the 'Stop' button lights up the word 'Repeater', the win is repeated! It can keep going and going, too, up to the point of $800. Individuals should keep in mind that some combinations produce more arrows and larger bets make it easier to accomplish this feat.

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