Belgium blocks foreign gambling sites in 2011

By: Harper Whitefield

Only national land-based casino operators will be allowed to offer online gambling in Belgium from 2011. A new law that was created in march, earlier this year, is now signed by the King of Belgium. This is reported yesterday by the Belgian newspaper.

According to this newspaper from 2011 only national operators will be allowed to offer online casino and games. These online operators also need to be land-based operators as well. New casino’s will need to follow strict guidelines on identification checks to make sure the user is 21 years old.

Secretary of state against fraud Carl Devies states that this is a measure against illegality and preventing gambling addiction. At the same time estimations tell us the Belgium government will benefit with a rise in tax of €60 million per year.

Expectations are this will also be bad for the Dutch market, with a large part of Belgium speaking Dutch there will be a loss for Dutch operators and online casino’s as well.

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