$2 Dollar BlackJack Back at the Tables

By: Harper Whitefield

BlackJack TableRemember the times when you could go to Atlantic City with a $100 bill and have fun at the BlackJack tables the whole night? Well maybe it”s time to revive those times.

The oldest Atlantic City Casino announced the revival of the $2 BlackJack table. These low stake tables have been eliminated many years ago because of their low profitability. Now the management at Resorts Atlantic City has come up with a solution to keep profits up, while offering beginners the chance to participate at the BlackJack tables with small bets. The trick is that each player has to pay a 25 cent fee for every hand played at the table. So basically you”re betting $2.25 with a chance to win $4.

Before the new business model could come to the table it had to be approved by the New Jersey Control Commission. They approved it yesterday, so they should be spotted soon.

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