Apple Ipad the new gambling platform

By: Harper Whitefield

Yesterday Apple launched their newest product, Apple iPad. This new tablet product can be placed in between a phone and a laptop. “The best web experience” acoording to Steve Jobs.

The iPad is about 1.5 pounds, runs at 1024×768 and is equiped with WIFI, 3G and bluetooth. This new tablet device is created to enhanche internet use like browsing, reading e- books and most likely online gaming.

Up to now being able to play online games and online casino”s was possible at your cell phone but not really comfortable. Most casino”s have difficulty”s bringing the complete blackjack tables to small phone screens. Also controls were often lacking, overall casino experience can”t compete with a regular laptop and dekstop.

With the Apple iPad online gaming and online gambling might see a new boost. When the iPad gaines popularity like the iPhone and the iPod did the iPad might convince software developers to create their casino software in such a way best playable on this iPad. They will also have to adapt their software to the full multi-touch Apple has put in the iPad.

Wheter or not this will be a succes remains to be seen but we are confident software operators are allready looking into all the possibilities. Before you know it you might be playing a game of blackjack at PartyCasino in the train home from work!

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