SEGA Moves into online Gambling

By: Harper Whitefield

segaRemember the days of the Sega Megadrive 16-bit? It was still in the early days of game consoles when we got introduced to games like Sonic, Virtua Fighter and Earthworm Jim. Although Sega now completely abandoned the game console market, is still produces games for PlayStation and other consoles. The strategic choice to no longer produce the consoles themselves was a smart one in my opinion, as Sega got miles behind their rivals in the late nineties.

Sega”s latest strategic move surprises me a bit however. The gaming company announced to get involved in the online gambling market, and wants to take it by storm. They partnered with Playtech and will soon launch their and By partnering a strong name in gaming with a strong brand in gambling, I”m expecting to see some radical innovations in the online gambling world soon. I”m looking forward to it!

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