Canadian Lottery Site Compromised

By: Harper Whitefield

In British Columbia this week, several online lotto accounts were invaded. According to news reports more than $8000.00 of lottery gamblers money was wagered, by persons other than the account owners.

Users were also able to see each other”s private information, including partial credit card and checking account information.

This is by far the most shocking security breach as far as account privacy goes in the entire online gambling industry, and it turns out it was done on a Canadian government lottery website.

The breach effected 134 users of which has since been shut down by local governments.

Graydon said the problem was due to a data crossover -- a malfunction during which some players were switched by accident from their own account into someone else's, often without them realizing.

According to Michael Graydon, CEO of the B.C. Lottery Corp. the problem was caused by a data crossover, which is said to be a malfunction where some players were moved from their account into someone else”s.

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