Pennsylvania Casinos Seeing Lots of Action at the Tables

By: Harper Whitefield

Pennsylvania has had a very busy weekend this weekend, which is to be expected considering this was officially the first weekend the casinos were legally allowed to operate table games in the state. However, some of the action, was a bit more than casino”s had bet on.

Casinos in Pennsylvania are now allowed to offer customers table games including; blackjack, craps, and baccarat. On Sunday Sex and the City star Chris North threw the first dice at the casino, tossing dice onto the craps table, and officially opening the casinos table games in grand Mr. Big style.

The following day, at Hollywood Casino saw some action at their blackjack tables, only it wasn”t Chris North, or any other Sex and the City star. Wasn”t Oprah either matter of fact. It was an alleged cheater. According to reports, Claudie Kenion III a 41 year old from Harrisburg allegedly added a few chips to her bet after the cards were dealt.

The story is, that the suspect didn”t add chips to bad hands, just the good ones, increasing the bet a “touch”.

Police reported Kenion adding chips to 13 of his bets, after the cards were out, after the time for betting had passed.

It”s official then, Blackjack is alive and well in Pennsylvania, after all, what”s a real casino without a few wanna be crooks.

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