Casino Bonus Overview

By: Harper Whitefield

Every now and then a good online casino comes online and in order to attract their first customers and to build a large customer base, they will offer huge bonuses. Because not every bonus offered by a new online casino is as good as that of another, we have done some research for you. We have collected the best new online casino bonuses available.

Looking for a specific Game?

Besides this general list of casino bonuses we have created bonus overviews for specific casino games as well. You should always check these lists before you start playing for a casino bonus:

  1. Blackjack bonus: Find out which bonuses can be received and cleared playing Blackjack.
  2. Roulette bonus: Overview of roulette bonusses, which casino offers best playthrough requirements?
  3. Slots bonus: All casinos love slots, but where to clear your bonus quickest playing the slots?
  4. Craps bonus: Find the very few casinos where you can play Craps and still get a casino bonus!
  5. Video Poker Bonus: Find out what conditions exist for Video Poker Bonuses.

Another important aspect is how these bonuses can be cleared, besides a special article about this aspect we are analysing bonus details for the games, roulette, blackjack, slots, craps and video poker. Often bonuses are associated with roulette but can’t even be cleared playing roulette. Below you will find some additional information about common terminology in the casino bonus world.

Bonus Types

Deposit Bonus/Matchup Bonus

The type of bonus that is most common in the online casino industry, is the matchup bonus also called the deposit bonus. This bonus will give you free dollars to play with after you make a first deposit, in an amount that is equal to a certain percentage of your first deposit. Most new online casinos offer a 100% matchup bonus, which will mean that for a first deposit of $200, you will get a bonus amount of also $200.

Fixed Bonus

The fixed bonus will provide every player with the same bonus, unrelated to the amount of your first deposit. This bonus type is most useful to players that make small first deposits.

Free Play Time

The free play time bonus can give you a lot of fun and provides instant action. The concept is that when you open an account at the new online casino, you will get a certain amount of time, for example the 500 bonus, in which you can play for free, but you can still win money at the slots. After the time is up, the profit that is left in you account will be your bonus.

Trying to get new players to play at their online casino, casinos will use several promotions to attract visitors. Very often they use a deposit bonus, or a no-deposit bonus as a promotion for new players. These bonuses are usually embedded in all kinds of conditions to make sure players play for a minimum amount of time before they can withdraw the money from their account.

Free tournaments

A casino can also run a free tournament as a promotion. When there is free cash to win people will be more likely to give it a try. They may even talk about it on forums or with friends. For the casino this works out great because it is a relatively small amount of money they are giving away and the exposure can be very big.

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