Gambling online when you're on the move

By: Harper Whitefield

If you want to spend your lunch break away from your computer and on making as much money as possible through online casino games, this is possible when you have an iPhone.

The iPhone 5 was recently released and enables you to gamble whenever you want through mobile casino apps. You might be wondering how this is actually possible and why can you enjoy baccarat when you’re eating your sandwiches?

The iPhone utilises HTML5 technology. Before its advent, mobile phones couldn’t cope with hosting the graphics which online casinos use. Thankfully, times have changed because the iPhone has stepped up to the plate and you can now play your favourite casino games through mobile casino apps. However, can you place actual, hard earned cash on your favourite game?
The answer to the aforementioned is definitely. Although you may have enjoyed playing games where you place a virtual bet and, even though you win big, you don’t receive a single penny, mobile casino apps are the exact opposite because your own money can be used.

In 2012, Apple announced that gambling through apps is possible in all countries where gambling is legal. In some countries where online gambling isn’t allowed, such as America, Apple hasn’t announced any plans for providing apps. However, Apple isn’t the only provider of mobile casino apps because other companies do allow you to gamble in the Land of the Free.

Online gambling continues to evolve and, as of recently, can be enjoyed no matter where you are.

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