Article published on November 21, 2014

Enter To Win $210 weekly With The Bodog Casino Bonus For Blackjack

By: Harper Whitefield

Bodog Casino is at it again, lining the pockets of players who have both skill and luck in their corner with the Weekly Hit & Draw, a $210 casino chip promotional deal.

For players who love to hit the casino table games, Bodog Casino is giving a promotional bonus for those whose names are drawn from the weekly pool of entries. Each contest week runs between midnight on Monday and ends on Sunday just before midnight as the week rolls over for another round of entries and winners. How can you get your chance to join in and increase your cash to spend and win at games of skill? It's as easy as hitting a blackjack while playing any of the games included in the promotion.

As stated, the Bodog Casino Bonus for this promotion relies on hitting blackjacks, the two originally dealt cards totalling 21 without needing to hit, split, or continue the hand further. The included games which will earn entries are Blackjack, the standard and well known game, as well as European Blackjack, Single Deck and Double Deck Blackjack which are both variants that change the play style by limiting the number of cards in play, unlike the 'infinite' deck that casinos typically offer.

Need a little more variety? Super 21, Perfect Pairs, Pontoons, and Match Play 21 also count towards the Bodog Casino Bonus for Blackjack while offering familiar but different rules and strategies for winning against the house and other players. Taking the time to learn the differences between these versions of the classic game could very well mean the difference between hitting 21 purely by chance and picking up wins along the way in hands that didn't result in an automatic triumph over the dealer.

There are, of course, some rules in play that come with every promotional offer but Bodog seems to have softened theirs in order to entice players and make it easier to turn those bonus chips into cash on hand for further play or withdrawal. There is no limit on the number of weekly entries that players can gain from hitting a blackjack in these games which means that players who are feeling luck smiling on them can rack up many spots in the draw pool in order to increase their chances of winning. The winners are drawn weekly and there are many rewards available for all players to compete for. After winning a Bodog Casino bonus for blackjack, the player must have played through the $210 prize only 20 times before being able to withdraw it or winnings attached to it, adding the restricted playing balance to their permanent wallet.

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