Article published on December 15, 2013

Net Entertainment Prepares the Big Bang Video Slot

By: Harper Whitefield

The video slots produced by Net Entertainment are known for giving players some of the best overall experiences in the entire industry.

Most casino software developers put out a lot of slots without worrying about the quality of any individual one. Their strategy is based around the idea that the more they put out, the more likely players are to find something that they like. Net Entertainment's strategy is a bit different. They also want players to be more likely to find games that they enjoy, but they do so by trying to produce great games with a lot of depth.

The new Big Bang slot is another example of this approach. The game centers around a futuristic, outer space theme much like Net Ent favorite Starburst. The central feature of Big Bang is a progressive multiplier system. When you start out playing, you have a 1x multiplier. Every time that you hit a winning combination on a spin, the multiplier doubles. This doubling continues until you either reach the 32x mark or you miss any wins on a spin. In either case, your multiplier goes back down to 1x and you start over on the progression.

This game will start to be released at Net Entertainment-powered online casinos in January. This shows that they are really going to be working hard to start of 2014 on the right foot with a game that centers around a feature that almost no other casino software company has worked with before. This makes Big Bang a big pull for players who are looking for the best online slot experiences they can find. Big Bang and other cool slots by Net Ent that include 3D graphics and other goodies are sure to cement their position in the industry in the future.

Net Entertainment has made a lot of ground over the past few years, and they're firmly established as a leading casino software provider at this point. Their high-quality games and attention to detail have made it fairly easy for them to accumulate a sizable following of players who prefer in-depth games that provide deep experiences. With the Big Bang slot being their first new release for the year 2014, it's safe to say that next year will be a good one for them as well.

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