Roulette Rules

By: Harper Whitefield

In this article we will explain the rules of Roulette. Roulette is the most popular game in the casino, because the rules are very simple, and easy to understand. More important, it gives the average player the best odds!


Roulette is a very old game, played for hundreds of years. The story goes that it is invented by a Chinese monk in the 14th century. In the early beginning of the game it was played with a standing wheel, the so called ‘Wheel of Fortune‘. In the end of the 17th century the wheel was flipped horizontal and they put little compartments in it for the ball. The roulette wheel currently used looks the following:
Roulette wheel

As you can see, the wheel consist of 37 compartments (38 in an American roulette wheel because of the double zero), with numbers 1 to 36 plus the zero. Eighteen compartments are red, eighteen are black and one of them (the zero) is green.

The betting

Let’s talk about the part the game is all about: the betting. You can place a bet by dropping one of your fiches on the desired spot at the table. You can see an image of the table below. The possible bets are divided into so-called ‘Inside Bets’ and ‘Outside Bets’. The inside bets consist of all the numbers, so spots A, B, C, D and E. The outside bets are logically all the betting options outside the numbered field. For more information on roulette betting take a look at our roulette betting systems page explaining well known systems to guide you through the betting. Take a look at the overview:

Roulette tableInside bets

Wager Character Covered numbers Payout Ratio Chance Average payout percentage
Straight up A 1 35:1 1/37 97,3%
Split Bet B 2 17:1 2/37 97,3%
Street Bet C 3 11:1 3/37 97,3%
Corner D 4 8:1 4/37 97,3%
Line Bet E 6 5:1 6/37 97,3%

Outside bets

Wager Character Covered numbers Payout Ratio Chance Average payout Ratio
Column F 12 2:1 12/37 97,3%
Dozen G 12 2:1 12/37 97,3%
Red or Black H 18 1:1 18/37 98,65%
Even or Odd I 18 1:1 18/37 98,65%
Low or High J 18 1:1 18/37 98,65%

Roulette Bonus

Online Casinos offer a lot of special bonuses for Roulette players. If you want to play Roulette online, it is therefore a good advice to search for a bonus that gives maximum profitability at the Roulette table. To save you time, we have already selected the best Roulette bonus for you. Check it out at our Roulette Bonus page.

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