3D Roulette at PKR

By: Harper Whitefield

You can now play 3D Roulette at PKR, PKR is offering European Roulette in a 3D version now.

After PKR has succesfully introduced 3D into the online poker world it is now still trying to shake up online casinos with 3D. Besides regular casino games (playtech software) PKR was allready offering the great game Deal or No Deal in 3D. The newest addition to these 3D games is 3D Roulette.

In PKR the game European Roulette can now be played in 3D. Notice however the 3D Roulette is available in your PKR (poker) software, not your PKR Casino software. Just like the PKR poker tables you can customize your own avatar and pretend to be someone completely different.

Once at the roulette table there is actually limited amount of 3D motion. The dealer spins the roulette wheel which looks pretty neet. The camera follows the bal around on the wheel. However when betting the avatar hardly even looks up when bets are made, there is also no animation of your character to put the chips at the correct place, this a missed opportunity! Maybe more people at the table might have made it more interesting as well, now it is just me sitting there alone with the dealer.

If you like to give it a go yourself you can go to your PKR software and select 3D Roulette under “Games”. You will need to download the new software first, takes less than a minute, and after a quick install you can walk up to the roulette tables! When you are interested in other casino games at PKR please read our review.

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