PKR Casino Review

By: Harper Whitefield

PKR Casino is a PlayTech Casino from the same company running PKR Poker. Expectations regarding the graphics were high but unfortunately PKR Casino can not impress like PKR impressed in the poker world. The looks and feel of the casino are allright, but nothing special. I will start playing at the PKR Casino and discuss what I’ll find.

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Playing in PKR Casino

After I quickly lost a couple dollars on the Blackjack table playing $1 hands I moved towards the roulette table, I found a nice looking mini-roulette table with only 12 numbers. The roulette wheel was nice and running at good speed. I played most with $0.10 and $1.00 chips. This is where I lost a big part of my money and after closing in on the $25 marker I decided to try and cash the remaining half of my money.

PKR Casino Promotions & Games

PKR Casino was offering a 100% deposit bonus for every first deposit. Read more about the PKR Casino bonus and enjoy some extra money. Please note not all games help you clear your bonus. PKR has a very large offering of casino games. All card games, table games and slot machines you can think off are available. As you can see the lobby is rather static instead of the nice 3D environments we are used to in PKR poker.


I used Neteller to deposit so I wanted to withdraw to Neteller as well. After I filled in my information and the $25 I received the notice that at any amount under $100 a $2 processing fee was going to be deducted. Because I only deposited $50 which was well above the minimum (minimum deposit $10) I am not happy with this unexpected “processing fee”. This was not stated anywhere and the strange thing is that I remember from my PKR Poker account that any withdrawal under $50 had a $1 processing fee. I am wondering why PKR makes these differences and why a Casino withdrawal costs twice as much as a poker withdrawal!

What is even stranger is the fact that PKR Casino does remind you in advance at the deposit section that any deposit under $25 brings an extra $1 fee. There is however no such warning in the withdrawal “cashouts” section. It is obvious PKR Casino does not like their players to withdraw their winnings.

Finally after receiving an email with my withdrawal confirmation I am again amazed because it now states only $1 is deducted, but calculations obviously show $2 is deducted from my balance! So PKR Casino first starts scaring me with a $2 fee but then tries to hide this by stating $1 fee when in fact $2 is allready taken from your account! To clear everything up we asked PKR to respond, the simple answer is: PKR Casino charges $1 fee for deposits under $25 and $2 fee for withdrawals under $100.


PKR Casino sure nows how to keep their customers guessing. PKR Casino is not informing their players correctly and a $2 processing fee is too much, and unnecessary compared to PKR Poker. We expect PKR Casino to update this quickly so they can present customers with more transparancy. Whether PKR Casino decides to charge $1 or $2 is up to them but they need to present the correct information.

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